If you are interested in buying a domain make your purchase proposal for a domain, once we agree we will sign a purchase contract for the domain and after paying it by bank transfer / wire transfer or Paypal lets you transfer it.


We offer the possibility to rent a domain, with option to purchase it later, for a period of one year so you can assess the profitability of the business. This service would be done through commercial contract, so that both parties were writing this employment relationship.

If you are only interested in renting a domain, the rental price will be 2% of the value (monthly) in a single annual payment, extendable annually.

If you are interested in leasing a domain, renting the first year will be 50% of the monthly value and after a year, the final payment of 50% from the value at which it will transfer the domain.


In addition to the rental and sales service domain, we provide:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Hosting services
  • System Administration
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • WPO (Web Performance Optimization)


If you have a domain portfolio, large or small, and are interested in putting on sale we can help through our website.

* Valuation of domain portfolio

Up to 100 domains € 1.00 / domain
From 101 to 1000 domains € 0.50 / domain
More than 1001 € 0.25 / domain

* It will be necessary that all domains have the TopDomainer NS to have the following advantages:

a) Each domain will have its own information page, where you can insert ads, in TopDomainer control panel.

b) You can track and statistics of visits per domain.

c) Access to TopDomainer control panel where you can view the domains in the portfolio as well as to perform some actions associated with (change price, add advertising …).

* TopDomainer will be escrow broker, act as depositary, received the money or making the payment to the seller upon confirmed receipt of the transfer of title by the purchaser.

There will be a commission on sales of domains:

a) If the sale is made through the web, the commission will be 10% with a minimum of 100.00 € per domain sold.

b) If a sale is made proactively in a domain, at the express request of the owner, the commission will be 15% with a minimum of € 250.00 per domain sold.

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